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Classic Super Mario gets the AR Treatment

Regardless of age, everyone knows (or should know) Mario and the popular Super Mario Bros. series of games that has a countless number of fans worldwide. We’ve seen the evolution of this series progress from it’s humble 8-Bit beginnings to modern systems – with no end in sight.


However, it’s latest iteration from developer Abhishek Singh for the Microsoft HoloLens came as a bit of a surprise. Using Unity 3D, he has recreated the first Super Mario Bros. level in first-person – allowing the player to immerse themselves in the game, walking and jumping around the level.


You can view the video below which shows a split view from the HoloLens as well as the developer.

Of course, due to copyright, this game has not been released on the HoloLens store but it’s an interesting step in discovering what else could be achieved with some out-of-the-box thinking.

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