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5 Incredibly Useful Free Software Tools


I’ve started using an alternative called Paint.NET which is an amazing bit of free software. It not only expands on the basic features of Paint, but rather adds some handy editing and styling features from Photoshop.


The layers and effects from Paint.NET means that I don’t need to boot up Photoshop as much for regular editing work. It’s great for quick tweaks to photos as well as more complex editing work.

Official Website



imacros This little addon has allowed me to take my laziness to new extreme levels. It’s available on both Chrome and Firefox depending on which browser you use. I’m a recent Chrome convert but I’ve found that iMacros seems to work better in Firefox, so I now I switch between the 2.

iMacros can basically record any actions that you make, save them and replay them for you whenever you need it.

At first I didn’t think I’d use it much but I quickly found just how useful this could be. Let’s say you’re like me and log into 10 different sites whenever you switch on your PC just to check what’s going on.

Well, now you can record yourself opening those sites and logging in and save it as an iMacro. Now you simply need to play that saved file and it’ll do everything for you.


The uses are endless.

iMacros Chrome

iMacros Firefox



notepad++ This will probably be more useful to website designers or anyone with some programming knowledge but casual user may find it’s clear layout appealing as well. This software serves as a replacement for the

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Notepad application that comes standard with your Windows installation. This new approach to this age old software allows you to do a lot more using very simple tools.

It allows you to customize your code in a multi-document and multi-view interface with a decent GUI.

It also has macro recording and playback built in as well as the ability to launch your code into a browser of your choosing, directly through the software – making testing a breeze.

Official Website

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