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5 Incredible Superhero Movies

Top 5 Incredible Animated Superhero Movies

5. Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

This is the most recent movie on this list and about it screams “Awesome!” Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1) is set some time in the future where 55 year old Bruce Wayne has retired but is still good friends with Commissioner Gordon. It’s been 10 years since anyone has seen Batman and the city is overrun with crime. It’s great story of the return of Batman who’s a little more frail but can still kick some ass.


5 Incredible Superhero Movies

4. Planet Hulk

I’m not a big hulk fan but I really enjoyed Planet Hulk. Hulk has been deemed to dangerous for Earth and gets blasted off to a peaceful planet. He, of course, wakes up and demolishes the ship – knocking it off-course and landing him on a savage planet. I won’t ruin the story for you but what I really enjoyed about this was the device that allowed Hulk to communicate. Having Hulk say something other than “Hulk smash,” makes him a much more interesting protagonist.

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  1. I watched Planet Hulk awhile back, sweet cartoon.


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